MIP Presents Project 'Ukraine in Japan's Mirror', a Workshop to Be Held on December 16

On December 16, at 2:00 p.m. (Saturday), a presentation of the chapter book ‘Ukraine in Japan’s Mirror’ will be held at Mystetskyi Arsenal (10-12 Lavrska St).

Entrance is free upon prior registration via goo.gl/qUKsD3.

Media accreditation is until December 15, 5:00 p.m. via [email protected].

During the presentation, a workshop session by the artist will be organized for Japanese and Ukrainian children. We invite you to attend our event and spend the weekend in a friendly company, learning the commonalities of our cultures. The leadership of state institutions responsible for the Year of Japan in Ukraine and of the Japan Embassy in Ukraine are also invited to the event with their children.

Please be reminded that, to the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, Mariia Ruban, a Kharkiv painter, has created a series of pictures for children, where she compares traditional symbols of Japan and Ukraine.

The project is titled “Ukraine in Japan’s Mirror.” “The idea was to depict symbolic objects which are archetypical for the Ukrainian people and compare them with those of Japan so as to make both the child and the adults, who will show them to the children, interested,” Ruban explains. “So, on one side of the page there is, say, a samurai, and on the other is a Cossack; a Japanese temple – a Ukrainian church; miso soup – borsch; a cherry blossom – a sunflower, and so on. The pictures are drawn in watercolour. By the way, the style of a watercolour drawing is more characteristic for the Japanese school of art.”

MIP’s Coordinator of the Year of Japan Maryna Sobotyuk: “This chapter book is another MIP’s idea to make Ukrainians and Japanese closer to one another through graphic perceptions. “It is hoped that this will be a good souvenir to remember Ukraine for Japanese dealing with Ukraine both in our country and in Japan as well.”