On 20 November, “A Hundred Years of Ukrainian Journalism, A Hundred Years of Ukrinform” to Take Place

On 20 November 2018, at 6:00pm, an event “A Hundred Years of Ukrainian Journalism, A Hundred Years of Ukrinform” will take place.

Organised by: Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine; Ukrinform news agency.

Address: Kyiv City State Administration, Column Hall, 36 Khreshchatyk St, Kyiv.

Accreditation for the media is available until 20 November, 1:00pm, via [email protected].

The senior leadership of the country, government officials, people’s deputies of Ukraine, the staff of diplomatic missions in Ukraine, members of international funds, and Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs have been invited to the event.

Additional information. Expect a theatrical multimedia performance. We will extrapolate Ukrinform’s 100-year-long history to the history of Ukrainian media as a whole in order to understand its tipping points and climaxes. We will show you how the agency was created by Dmytro Dontsov; how Volodymyr Narbut stood up for Ukraine’s interests in the information space; what Illia Ilf and Pavlo Tychyna had to do with the agency; and why its three directors were purged. This will be a Ukrinform that you do not know at all, and the other media that you will see from a different perspective. This will be a time to pay tribute to the new names of those who challenged the system and swam against the tide.

The event will also present “Art From Behind the Bars”, a unique exhibition of paintings by Roman Sushchenko, a Ukrinform correspondent who was illegally detained and sentenced to 12 years in prison in Russia under trumped-up charges. Roman’s 20 paintings were drawn with a ball pen, tea, onion peels, beet juice, and ketchup, since brushes are not part of prisoners’ personal effects.