Estonia is a reliable partner in the fight for Ukrainian culture

On October 19, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko informed the Minister of Culture of Estonia Piret Hartman and her team about the current situation caused by the russian shelling, as well as about the urgent needs of Ukrainian cultural and media institutions.

“In recent days, meetings with fellow ministers have been held during air raid widespread sirens. The situation in which we are now is more understandable for our friendly countries. At every meeting with international colleagues, we emphasize the same joint actions around which the countries of the democratic world should unite even more,” the Ukrainian Minister said.

Oleksandr Tkachenko emphasized that Ukraine needs:

• continuation of the policy of EU sanctions against russian propaganda TV channels and maintenance of restrictive measures against representatives of russian culture;

• broadcast of Ukrainian TV channels in Estonia, which will convey truthful and unbiased information about the situation in Ukraine to the country’s residents;

• joining the Information Ramstein and supporting Ukraine in the fight against disinformation;

• support for Ukrainian artists and art institutions that remain in Ukraine;

• assistance not only to the cultural heritage, but also to the cultural infrastructure of Ukraine.

In addition, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy thanked Piret Hartman and all Estonians for understanding the situation and consistent supporting Ukraine during the war.

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