Taras Shevchenko participated in a meeting of the Creative Europe program committee to support cultural development and European integration of Ukraine

On July 7th, Taras Shevchenko, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for European Integration, participated in a meeting of the program committee of the European Union’s “Creative Europe” program in Brussels. The expert discussion focused on collaboration in cross-sectoral innovation projects and active involvement in pan-European initiatives for the development of an independent and multinational media environment. Issues related to supporting freedom of artistic expression, intercultural dialogue and cultural European integration were also discussed.

During the event, Taras Shevchenko expressed gratitude to the European Commission and international partners for their support of Ukraine’s cultural heritage, cultural and creative sectors within the framework of the “Creative Europe” program during 2022 and 2023. These sectors have suffered significant damage due to military aggression by russia. He particularly appreciated the encouragement of Ukrainian artists and cultural institutions’ participation in competitions through the submission of project proposals and the provision of flexibility for ongoing projects funded by  the EU in collaboration with Ukrainian partners.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister emphasized Ukraine’s efforts to swiftly implement the directive on audiovisual media services into national legislation through the Law of Ukraine “On Media”. This step not only ensures compliance with the Association Agreement, but also fulfills one of the seven recommendations of the European Commission. Aligning Ukraine’s media legislation with European standards will enable Ukraine to fully participate in the “Media” and “Cross-sectoral Cooperation” sub-programs within the EU’s “Creative Europe” program.

“The implementation of all necessary measures for the successful incorporation of European Union requirements into national legislation is clearly evident. Such a step will facilitate the exchange of experience and cooperation with other countries participating in the program, as well as strengthen Ukraine’s cultural European integration,” said Taras Shevchenko.

In addition, Taras Shevchenko participated in the discussion of the Annual Work Program for 2024, where he emphasized Ukraine’s appreciation for the inclusion of support for Ukraine’s cultural heritage, cultural and creative sectors in the “Creative Europe” program for 2024. He underscored that this step would provide significant support to Ukrainian cultural institutions and artists, enabling them to continue their activities. It would also support the Ukrainian audiovisual sector and the publication of Ukrainian books in the Ukrainian language, not only during the wartime, but also in preparation for the post-war period.

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