26 February 2016, the international Forum "Crimea is Ukraine. The annexed peninsula between the past and the future" will be hel

Forum has become a platform for the analysis of the events that took place for 2 years of Crimean occupation, in the peninsula as well as in Ukraine and abroad. Among the most important topics on the agenda of the Forum is to find a formula for social and political future of the Crimea.

The first panel of the Forum “Information reintegration of Crimea: the dialogue in terms of annexation” is aimed at finding the concept of dialogue with residents of the annexed Crimea, senses and necessary messages. The panel should become the beginning of discussion on communication strategy and information reintegration of the annexed peninsula. During the panel it is planned to discuss the possibility of broadcasting renewal of Ukrainian media in Crimea. The combat with mythology and propaganda against the Crimea? How to implement a dialogue with the occupied Crimea? These issues will be the subject of discussion for speakers.

The second panel “26th of February. The Crimean resistance: the Crimean Tatars’ fighting for their motherland” will be aimed to discuss the following topics: the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination and the political future of Crimea. One of the key aspects of the debate should be an attempt to understand the social and political future of the Crimea, in particular, the speakers will talk about the forms of implementation of the right to self-determination. How the leaders of the Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian politicians and experts understand this notion?


Date: February 26, 2016

Organizers: Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, UCMC

Place: UCMC (“The Ukrainian House”)

The first panel.

Registration starts at: 10.30-12.30

11.00 – 13.00 – “Information reintegration of Crimea: the dialogue in terms of annexation”


1.Vitalyi Portnikov

2.Pavlo Kazarin

3.Evgen Mahda

4.Karl Volokh

5.Vakhtanh Kipiani

6.Eider Muzhdabaev

7.Sergii Kostinskyi

Moderator: Sevgil Musaieva Borovyk – chief editor of the online publication “Ukrainska Pravda”


The second panel.

13.05 – 15.00 – “26th of February. The Crimean resistance: the Crimean Tatars’ fighting for their motherland”


1.Mustafa Dzhemilev – MP of Ukraine.

2.Refat Chubarov – MP of Ukraine, the Chairman of Mejlis

3.Oliver Loode – Vice President of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

4.Heorhyi Lohvynskyi – MP of Ukraine

5.Mykola Knyazhytskyi – MP of Ukraine

6.Natalia Belitser -expert, Pylyp Orlyk Institute for Democracy

7.Bohdan Yaremenko – diplomat, Head of “The Maidan of Foreign Affairs”

Moderator: Emine Dzheppar – Advisor to the Minister on Crimean Information Policy of Ukraine

15.30 – 16.30 – theater production “The case of 26th February” – theatre that will immerse the viewer in the trial of Akhtem Chigusa.

Participants of the rally on 26th February 2014 will witness in a court case, which Russian occupation authorities launched against Akhtem Chigusa and other Crimean Tatar activists in Crimea.

Director: Halyna Dzhikaeva. (PostPlayTeatr)

  • The entrance to the Forum is free