4 May at 13.00 the Outlook will host an event for foreign guests called "Ukrainian Embroidery. Step in Time"


During the 1-14 of May, “Ukrinform” became a site for the work and communication of foreign journalists who had come to the Eurovision. In this period, in order to promote the image of Ukraine in the world, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine and the news agency “Ukrinform” plans to carry out activities to present and popularize Ukrainian ethnic, historical and cultural values with the participation of volunteers and the public.

One of the partners, involved by MIP to the organization of events became an international project the OUTLOOK (www.theoutlook.com.ua), working in the sphere of media and cultural diplomacy. Through its activities, the OUTLOOK (www.theoutlook.com.ua) establishing friendly contacts between countries and peoples, forming new cultural and social ties.

4 May at 13.00 the Outlook will host an event for foreign guests called “Ukrainian Embroidery. Step in Time” to demonstrate one of the cultural achievements of the Ukrainian people. Traditional embroidery, adorning national clothing, holds deep symbolism and historical heritage. During the demonstration of ancient and modern costumes, trends that remain relevant over time will be presented. As in centuries ago, embroidery remains an integral part of the modern Ukrainian style. Ornamentals differ by region, color, but not by their semantic meaning.

“The Outlook project is always very pleased to join such initiatives. Spreading the fame of accomplishments and the cultural heritage of our people is a pleasure and an honor at the same time. I hope that foreign journalists visiting the event will find inspiration to learn Ukraine more deeply. We have something to tell the world about ourselves”, – said the General Director of the OUTLOOK project Daria Kariakina.

Unique examples of antique suits especially for the presentation “Ukrainian Embroidery. Step in Time” provided by the owners of the gallery “Ukraina Antiqua” Ihor Tureiskyi and Maksim Ochkur. “Back in the late 19th and early 20th century, more than 200 techniques of the embroidery were in Ukraine, which were subsequently replaced by a cross. In our collection, we have things that are decorated with a variety of techniques: darning, “nyzynka”, “lyshtva”, various types of satin stitch, cross and others, as well as things with woven items”,- said the collectors.

In their collection, Ihor Tureiskyi and Maksim Ochkur, are attempting to present the elements of decorative art from all regions of Ukraine. Their collections are now best represented by costumes and elements from Western Polissia, Poltava, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Zakarpattia. Items have been collected in multiple expeditions, where they were purchased from the descendants of those who wore them, and a considerable segment of the collected items was found at the flea markets.

Modern Ukrainian fashion will be represented by the dresses of designer Yuliya Magdych, who in her brand combine the aesthetics of Ukrainian national traditions and the fashion of the new jet-set.

By interpreting the DNA of a classical “embroidery”, the designer creates a “uniform” for the modern lady – luxurious and at the same time informal images that are relevant for morning walks and for the evenings.

The brand’s trademark is a technically complex volume of embroidery designed with the motifs found in museums, private collections and local travels in Ukraine.

For the present day, brand Yuliya Magdych is represented in 20 countries of Europe, the United States, the Arab world and 40 others. Celebrities, Vogue magazine editors, fashion bloggers, Arab princesses, and influential IT-girls are among Yuliya Magdych fans.

The musical accompaniment of the event with the Ukrainian songs will be created by the children’s vocal-choreographic ensemble “Zernyatko” (artistic leader Raisa Zakletska), leader of the bandura chapel of the R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music Iryna Radionova, Ukrainian pop group “Vroda”, which combine contemporary sound and traditional Ukrainian melodies.

Date: 04.05.1017

Time: 13.00 – 14.00

Venue: ArtHub at the news agency “Ukrinform” (8/16 B. Khmelnytskyi Street)

Contacts: [email protected]; +38096972 55 48