Comics, superheroes, defenders of the country: the folk art under the conditions of war

24 January, a press conference: “Presentation of the comic book about superheroes of the modern Ukrainian “Defenders of the country” will be held at 11.00. (Room 2)

Organizers: the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine and the analytical center “Think tank “Donbas”.

Participants: Artem Bidenko – Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine; Leonid Krasnopolskyi – a volunteer, designer, ideologist and producer of the comic “Defenders of the country”; Dmytro Tkachenko – Advisor to the Minister on the information reintegration of Donbas and director of the analytical center “Think tank “Donbas”.

Additional information. “Think-tank Donbas” is an independent analytical center, which is engaged in the development and conduction of analytical studies, as well as implementation of projects aimed to promote information de-occupation, reintegration, and development of Donbas in the fields of communication, peacemaking, democracy, culture and urbanism.

A graphic novel project “Defenders of the country” was developed by the initiative group of volunteers Leonid Krasnopolskyi and Ihor Rohiv. The visual artist and scenario – Asta “Ateralba” Legios. Facebook and Twitter users were actively involved in the development of the characters.
For more information, please contact Yelyzaveta Rechtman, 068-669-70-12.

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