In Paris, MIP Presents Film about Culinary Adventures of Mykola Pshenytsia, Patrick Massi

On 26 June, at 7:00pm, a new film about Ukraine and France titled “Bon Appetit” will be presented at the Ukrainian Institute in Paris.

The film is designed to promote Ukraine as a country with unique gastronomical opportunities and show its friendly relations with France by highlighting possible cuisine combinations.

The film has already been submitted to a number of international festivals.

The event will be attended by diplomats, members of the Diaspora, investors interested in Ukraine, chefs, young people, news media, etc.

The film was created by Best Friends Film Production by the order of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine within the framework of the Concept of Promotion of Ukraine in the World and of Its Interests in Global Information Space.

It is a sequel to the film “Djakuyu”, which premiered last year and showed a Japanese man travelling about Ukraine while opening it up to the global audience.

Address: 22 Avenue de Messine 75008

Time: 7:00pm

Date: 26 June

About the film

Everything begins when the main hero, Mykola Pshenytsia, speaks about his personal life—that his father is a Ukrainian, who moved to France and became a successful chef.

He and his best friend Patrick are food backpackers—that is, they travel around the world with huge backpacks full of gastronomical secrets. As they travel, they discover local traditions and culinary gimmicks, sharing their experience with other chefs.

Mykola and Patrick come to Ukraine to win the CookNow competition. What happens next—and what dishes are to be cooked? The film has a twist ending…