“Invite Me from War”, a Unique Project on Defenders of Ukraine Day

On 12 October 2018, “Invite Me from War”, a solemn event on the occasion of the Defenders of Ukraine Day, will take place. The event, organised by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, starts at the Column Hall of Kyiv City State Administration at 5:00pm.

Accreditation for the media will be available until 12 October, 1:00pm, via [email protected].

“Invite Me from War” is a project that draws attention to rehabilitation of people who fought at war in eastern Ukraine.

Twenty couples of Ukrainian defenders and Ukrainian Amazonians will present their dance pieces.

At the event, the couples will tell their war stories through dance — about lovers who found each other on the battlefield; about people who, even at war, have not lost the love of life; about the fight for life at war, etc.

The dances will be accompanied with live performances of the bands The Doox and “Bez Obmezhen”.

Members of the diplomatic missions in Ukraine, the senior leadership of the country, people’s deputies, heads of regional state administrations, the foreign and Ukrainian mass media, members of international funds, and foreign and Ukrainian entrepreneurs have been invited to the event.