MIP to Present News Materials ".RAW Ukraine on the Frontline" in New York City

On November 18, at 7:00 p.m., the presentation of news materials “.RAW Ukraine on the Frontline” is to take place at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City (222 E 6th St).

The opening ceremony will be held by Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, and Alina Frolova, Director of the Centre for Strategic Communications.

You can attend the event from November 18 to December 30.

“.RAW Ukraine on the Frontline” is dedicated to the documentary pictorial review of the military operation in Eastern Ukraine from 2014, showing the transformation of the Ukrainian Army and society through recollections of witnesses and direct participants.

Guests will get acquainted with the documentary record of the shocking event which have changed Ukraine and the world forever.

The title, “.RAW Ukraine on the Frontline” was not chosen at random, since Ukraine is not only in the military conflict area but also in the forefront of information warfare.

33 photographers from Ukraine, Belarus and the U.S. contributed to “.RAW Ukraine on the Frontline”; among them are recognized photo journalists, photo correspondents and curators from Ukraine and abroad, including Alexander Glyadyelov, Brendan Hoffman, Iosyf Syvenkyi, Oleksandr Vasiukovych and others.

The project became a platform for Ukraine’s social and information and cultural diplomacy in the international arena.

Please be reminded that “.RAW Story of Changes of Ukrainians and Army” is not the first project by StratCom Ukraine designed to develop Ukraine’s cultural and public diplomacy. On November 8-10, an exhibition of this publication’s photographs was successfully presented within the framework of the event “Modern Ukrainian Photography”, held during the international festival Paris Photo. In addition to the presentation of the book, the international community had a look at photographs included in the publication.

The publication “.RAW Story of Changes of Ukrainians and Army” is yet another stage of the two-year project “Army: Rebirth”, which started as far back as in 2016. The project is the first attempt to collect the large torrent of professional and amateur photographs since the beginning of events at Maidan to the unfolding of the military operation in Eastern Ukraine.

The collection of photo materials from all over Ukraine resulted in a documentary chronicle of the modern Ukrainian Army as viewed by servicemen, volunteers and ordinary Ukrainians.