"New heroes of Donbas" – a television program presentation

8 December, a press conference on the topic: “Presentation of the television program “New heroes of Donbas” will be held at 11.00. (Room 2)
Organizer: Ministry of information policy of Ukraine.

Participants: Dmytro Tkachenko, Advisor to the Minister of information policy of Ukraine on the reintegration of Donbas and the head of the analytical centre “Think tank “Donbas”; Emine Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine; Natalia Fedorchenko, a director; heroes of television program: Volodymyr Shylov, Evhen Shybalov, Vitaliy Ovcharenko, Leonid Krasnopolskyi, Oleksandr Horbatko.

Additional information: “Think tank “Donbas” is an independent analytical center, which is engaged in the development and conduct of analytical studies, as well as implementation of projects to promote the information de-occupation, reintegration and development of Donbas in the fields of communication, peacemaking, democracy, culture and urbanism.

The television program “New heroes of Donbas” was filmed with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy in the framework of the implementation “Communication strategy for promoting reintegration and de-occupation of Donbas”.

The project was created the analytical center “Think tank “Donbas” and Donetsk regional organization of all-Ukrainian public organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine”.

Contact person: Yelyzaveta Rekhtman, tel.: 068-669 70-12.

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