September 26: Liberated Donbass: Threat of Separatists’ Revenge

On September 26, at 9:30 a.m., a round table talk is to be held titled “Liberated Donbass: Threat of Separatists’ Revenge” (Hall 2).

Organized by: Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine; NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative”; NGO “Tavrian Humanitarian Platform”; National Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

Participants: Yurii Kosenko, Chairman of the Board of NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative”; Viktoriia Bak, Head of NGO “Bakhmut Centre for Humanitarian Pedagogics”; Andrii Ivanets, Head of NGO “Tavrian Humanitarian Platform”; Dmytro Tkachenko, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine on Information Reintegration of Donbas; Svitlana Kravchenko, Chairman of the Borad of NGO “Bakhmut Ukrainian”; Viktor Zipir, member of the regional public council of Donetsk Oblast; Olena Vasylenko, authorize representative of NGO “All-Ukrainian Initiative” in Donetsk Oblast.

Participation is open for members of expert community, public activists from Donbas and other regions of Ukraine, officials from state bodies and institutions.

Additional Information. The purpose of the event is to inform the public and bodies of state power of the announced issue, to seek mechanisms of dealing with it, to establish closer cooperation between the public activists and the State in order to prevent the separatists’ revenge and strengthen public awareness and national and patriotic activity in Donbas.

With regard to the developments in Ukraine-controlled Donbas, it can be inferred that the threat of the revenge of separatist forces and their supporters is genuine.

Local patriotic communities are increasingly in despair and facing an internal crisis, with latent proponents of ‘Russia’s space’ becoming more active.

This constitutes a grave threat to the Ukrainian Statehood, its citizens’ rights and freedoms and has to be monitored and acted upon by the public authorities and the society.

It is planned that a resolution and a plea to the bodies of state power will be worked out as a follow-up of the round table.

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