SEPTEMBER 6: Presentation of the Project “Trust But Verify: Media Literacy in Ukrainian Society”

On September 6, at 10:00 a.m., the project titled “Trust But Verify: Media Literacy in Ukrainian Society” is to be presented (Hall 1).

Organized by: Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

Participants: Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine; Olena Staranchyk and Oleh Hryshchenko, co-curators of Pictoric, an illustrators club, and organizers of the project.

Additional Information. The project includes an exhibition of artists’ placards on media literacy to be held on September 11 along Havel Boulevard.

The stands along the boulevard will have 60 works of Ukrainian artists from the Pictoric illustrators club, covering such topics as censorship, propaganda, freedom of speech, fake news, information warfare, critical analysis of media messages, connection between media and power, social networks, and public broadcasting.

The other part of the project is the presentation of a book including the artists’ works and articles on media literacy. The coming out of the book is to be announced at the exhibition opening.

The project on media literacy is being carried out by the Pictoric Illustrators Club supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (as part of the Transition Promotion Program) and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

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