Shevchenko’s "mobilization" poetry will be broadcasted on "Kultura" radio 18 hours running

March 9, from 6 a.m. till 12 p.m., Kultura radio channel of Ukrainian Radio will broadcast the national radiothon “Struggle and Overcome! Shevchenko Mobilizes” timed to coincide with the anniversary of birth of the eminent Kobzar. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine was the one to initiate the event together with the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine.

On the day of Kobzar’s birth, the Recording House of Kyiv will host an hours-long poetry session, where Shevchenko’s poetry will be recited by commanders and combatants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who ensure the  fulfillment of tasks on restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the counter-terrorist operation area, as well as national leaders of Ukraine,  government officials, politicians, men of science and culture, volunteers, and public representatives.

This year Shevchenko’s anniversary  traditionally and symbolically coincides with a number of crucial and tragic events in the history of Ukrainian people, so this event is aimed to inspire the strength, patriotism, and invincibility of the nation’s morale.