Strategy of Cultural and Awareness Activities in Donbas: Civil Society's Vision

On June 26, 2:00 p.m., a press conference “Strategy and Tactics of Cultural and Awareness Activities in Donbas” takes place (Hall 1).

Organized by: NGO “Tavria Humanitarian Platform”, Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

Participants: Yuriy Kosenko, President of NGO “Ukrainian Initiative”; Maksym Potapchuk, Head of NGO “Ukrainian foundation for culture and education “Liberi Liberati”; Svitlana Kravchenko, Board Member of NGO “Bakhmut Ukrainian”; Viktor Vlasko, Head of the Affiliate of NGO “Ukrainian Initiative” in Ichnia, Chernihiv Oblast; Yulia Kazdobina, Adviser to the Minister on the Information Reintegration of Crimea; Andriy Ivanets, Coordinator of “Tavria Humanitarian Platform”.

Contacts: Press Office of NGO “Tavria Humanitarian Platform”, 050-606-49-17.

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