The protection of Ukrainian citizens in the occupied Crimea: report of human rights defenders

13 January, a press conference on the theme: “Protection of citizens of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea. Report of advocates and human rights defenders for 2016 and a plan for 2017” will take place at 11.00. (Hall 1)

Organizer: Ministry of information policy of Ukraine.

Participants: Emine Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine; Emil Kurbedinov, a lawyer of the Crimean Muslims and political prisoners of the occupied Crimea; Liliya Hemedzhy, a human rights defender; Leynura Enhulatova, a human rights defender.


Topics for discussion are following:

1. Investigation of a criminal case against the journalist Mykola Semena and so-called diversionist Ridvan Suleymanov.

2. Rostov’s sentence for the Crimean Tatars and Muslims from Sevastopol.

3. Administrative cases against members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and community activists, who were present during the FSB military actions.

4. Punitive psychiatry.

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