The MCIP, together with NDI, will implement new projects in the field of strategic communications and countering disinformation

Recently, the Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Rostyslav Karandieiev, met with representatives of the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The parties agreed to launch and implement a joint project aimed at building resilience in Ukrainian society to counter disinformation. This project includes consultations and strategic sessions with key government and civil society stakeholders.

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Rostyslav Karandieiev expressed gratitude for the support to Ukraine by global democratic institutions and highlighted the substantial assistance provided by NDI to our country, particularly in the areas of the MCIP and the broader field of culture and information policy.

“The cooperation between NDI and the MCIP is exceptionally productive and particularly relevant in the context of hybrid war. We understand that in the face of full-scale invasion and the spread of russian propaganda, we must react promptly and constantly adapt in the realm of countering disinformation. Information security is indeed a crucial component of national security. The MCIP supports NDI’s initiatives aimed at addressing these challenges and is ready to contribute its own,” he emphasized.

The Director of the National Democratic Institute in Ukraine, Marcin Walecki, expressed interest in strengthening cooperation with the MCIP.

“For NDI, it is a great honor to collaborate with Ukraine and support it on the path of defending national identity. We have experience in successful cooperation with the team of experts from the MCIP, particularly with the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security. Today, we are here to hear your needs and ideas, as well as to propose our projects that we can jointly implement,” he said.

This includes conducting joint consultations with government stakeholders and representatives of civil organizations, aimed at creating an information strategy to support reintegration processes, strengthening information resilience, and enhancing trust in democratic institutions and values.

 In turn, the Senior Manager of the Disinformation Counteraction Program and Research Program at NDI, Jerrel Gilliam, and the Senior Specialist of the Disinformation Counteraction Program at NDI, Vitalii Rybak, presented developed and already successfully implemented projects. They outlined their vision for future collaboration with the MCIP.

“Thank you to our partners for the concrete steps in support of Ukraine. We are genuinely delighted that NDI sees our Ministry as its strategic partner. I am confident that our collaboration will gain momentum and strengthen our country’s position in the fight against the enemy in the information dimension,” concluded Rostyslav Karandieiev.

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