Anastasia Bondar participated in the World for Ukraine 2023 Summit

On September 28, the two-day World for Ukraine 2023 Summit was opened in Poland. Anastasia Bondar, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, participated in the event. She took part in a panel discussion on the topic “Small and Big Victories in Ukraine – Overcoming Challenges Together”.

Anastasia Bondar discussed the challenges of preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage during a full-scale war.

“Destruction and constant attacks by russia on cultural objects have led to a crucial step – the inclusion of numerous cultural sites on the UNESCO list under enhanced protection. So, I appeal to the global community to start calling things by their names, as existing international norms are no longer relevant. This war is not just about immovable cultural objects. It concerns democracy and truth worldwide. We are not victims; we are fighters defending humanitarian values. All we need is for the world not to tire of watching over us but to support us in every possible way, from protection to restoration and development,” said the Deputy Minister.

Furthermore, Anastasia Bondar highlighted the challenges caused by the war. In particular, the ongoing shelling across the entire territory of Ukraine is leading to serious consequences for civil, energy, and cultural infrastructure. Additionally, the issue of the return of temporarily displaced persons and the creation of favorable conditions for their life in Ukraine, while maintaining a connection with their homeland, is of great importance.

The summit has become a platform for discussing cross-sectoral issues and collaboration among various interested parties amidst the war in Ukraine. Participants plan to address pressing matters such as humanitarian aid, combating disinformation, and pathways to Ukraine’s reconstruction through panel discussions, presentations, and workshops.

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The World for Ukraine Foundation (W4UA) is a non-governmental organization with the primary goal of uniting and supporting the efforts of civil organizations, central and local government institutions, businesses, media, analytical centers, and individuals for the benefit of the Ukrainian nation. The foundation annually organizes the W4UA summit, which brings together prominent individuals from Ukraine and the world as a whole.

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