Oleksandr Tkachenko addressed the participants of the international conference “Literacy for Democracy”

Reading and the development of critical thinking are the best possible ways to help raise conscious, intelligent, and active citizens and leaders for a better future for Ukraine, Europe, and the world.

This was stated by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko, in a video address to the participants of the international conference “Literacy for Democracy”.

According to him, Ukraine is actively working on a recovery strategy, particularly in its cultural sector, where libraries and book publishing play an important role.

“The situation in Ukraine, which is engulfed in the flames of war, is particularly acute: there is an insufficient number of books published per capita, and the indicators of the population engaged in reading are rapidly declining. Reading is being overshadowed by the consumption of “quick” information from social networks, easily accessible video content, and television. The present and future of every nation depend on the quality of what people and families read,” emphasized the Minister.

The Reading Development Strategy for 2023-2032, as well as the operational plan for its implementation, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and approved by the Government, are aimed at uniting Ukrainians and making reading a conscious choice for leisure and self-development. All of this is aimed at the comprehensive and harmonious development of individuals, particularly fostering critical thinking.

“The title of the conference, Literacy for Democracy, sounds like a slogan. We believe that strengthening literacy (boosting the percentage of children and adults who read daily) in Ukraine, starting today, is the best possible way to help raise conscious, intelligent and active citizens and leaders for a better tomorrow for Ukraine, Europe and the world. So, friends, let’s read for the sake of democracy!” summarized Oleksandr Tkachenko.

This year’s main theme of the international conference “Literacy for Democracy” (Warsaw-Kyiv) is the significant impact of reading on the formation of democracy in society. During the conference, participants discuss the influence of reading on all spheres of human life and society, as well as possible ways to promote reading as a life practice among Ukrainians.

 The organizers of the conference include the Universal Reading Foundation (Poland), Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Ukrainian Book Institute, Ukrainian Library Association, National Center for Culture, Federation of European Publishers, EU Read, International Book Fair in Warsaw, Polish Chamber of Books, Summit Kniga, Vsesvit Magazine, World Book Day, SavED Foundation, National Literacy Trust, Stiftung Lesen, Club of Catholic Intelligentsia, Legimi.

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