The occupiers destroyed or damaged almost 800 cultural objects of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko

Cultural heritage

In Ukraine, the occupiers completely destroyed or partially damaged about 800 cultural objects. This was reported by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine in a comment to the FREEDOM TV channel.

“We are now actively working, in particular with UNESCO, to strengthen these objects on the eve of winter, to obtain, in particular, power generators. It is important for us now to get through the winter so that the museums are warm and have electricity. And that, as a result, cultural life in the country continues,” he said.

The Minister also emphasized that russia’s current war against Ukraine is a war for the very right to be Ukrainian and the existence of Ukrainian culture.

“This war is against our very identity, against our people. We see not only Bucha, but also in many other liberated areas of Kharkiv and Kherson regions, Ukrainians were killed just for the right to be Ukrainians,” the Minister summarized.

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