The Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir will celebrate its 80th anniversary with a concert in Kyiv and embark on an international charitable tour

This year, the Ukrainian National Honored Academic Folk Choir named after G. Veryovka celebrates its 80th anniversary. On this occasion, a grand concert will take place on November 18th at the “Ukraine” Palace. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the ensemble will embark on a charitable tour throughout Europe, Canada, and the USA.

The folk choir will present a cutting-edge, world-class charitable show project titled ‘We Are Ukrainians.’ The funds raised will be directed towards the rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen and those affected by russian aggression, as well as demining efforts. This information was revealed during a press conference at the Media Center Ukraine-Ukrinform.

“The Veryovka Choir is not just an artistic ensemble; it is a unique phenomenon. The choir stands out from all other cultural projects and practices. Today, it is essentially a living intangible cultural heritage. In this context, I would propose to consider the choir’s mission. These are the people who preserve the best forms of vocal choral performance of Ukrainian folk works. This is an ensemble that maintains a high standard of choral art “, said Rostyslav Karandieiev, Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, during a press conference.

He also emphasized that the state provides financial support to the ensemble because it aims to preserve the brightest manifestations of Ukrainian ethnic folk culture.

“Beautiful Ukrainian songs performed exquisitely are the best way to people’s hearts and souls. Those who are willing to listen to music, after the first few notes, fall in love with Ukrainian singing. It’s also a great tool of cultural diplomacy that the state will always support,” added the Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

“Europe was happy with our performances. Audiences applauded enthusiastically. Today, we need to demonstrate that we are a high-spirited nation that can not only defend itself but also protect Europe,” said Igor Kuryliv, the director of the Ukrainian National Honored Academic Folk Choir named after G. Veryovka.

The Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir did not cease its activities after the start of the full-scale invasion. Artists continue to perform for the military, the wounded, and all Ukrainians because they see it as their mission to heal through art. The ensemble has long been known for its talented artists and performances both in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to its vibrant singing, dancing, and colorful costumes, the choir has become a hallmark of Ukraine.

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