Ukraine imposed new sanctions against russian propagandists

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The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine supported the decision to apply sanctions against russian public figures (artists, journalists, TV presenters). Restrictions apply to 119 natural persons for a period of three, five and ten years.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine joined the formation of the sanctions list. The full list of sanctioned persons can be found at the link.

The international working group on sanctions against russia also has prepared a Roadmap for individual sanctions against russian propagandists, opinion leaders and artists who generate and spread Kremlin propaganda narratives, lies about russia’s war against Ukraine and thus support policies aimed at undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty, independence and security of Ukraine.

The document singles out, in particular, propagandists who consistently reproduce false narratives in line with Kremlin policy, laying the ideological foundation for the russia’s war and concealing ongoing war crimes.

Propagandists are divided into two big groups: those who generate ideas for propaganda (ideologues, experts, scientists) and those who spread these ideas (journalists, artists and stars).

It is crucial that these sanctions are imposed at the international level by as many countries as possible, so that no person on this list can move freely around the world, tour or conduct their activities without hindrance broadcasting russian propaganda narratives. Their role in waging and supporting russian military aggression in Ukraine should be properly assessed,” said Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy.

With an incomplete list of russian opinion leaders, artists, as well as the so-called intellectuals can be found at the link. Any expert non-governmental organizations can provide their suggestions regarding the remaining persons who should be included in this list.

The international working group recommends that democratic countries around the world include in their sanctions lists those persons who have so far avoided it.

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