VI Forum “Creative Ukraine: The Power of Resilience”: Ukrainian Institute. Discovering Ukraine: what the rediscovery of culture can give the world

Creative industries

On December 8, within the framework of the 6th annual international forum “Creative Ukraine: The Power of Resilience” 2022, a sectoral module was held “Ukrainian Institute. Discovering Ukraine: what the rediscovery of culture can give the world”

The discussion was moderated by Tetyana Pushnova, a Ukrainian journalist, reporter, editor and producer.

The focus of the polylogue is how Ukrainians showed their creativity abroad this year, in particular, in Europe and America. The focus is on the results of many years of international collaborations.

Спікер: Девід Кодлінг, Директор Сезону культури Велика Британія/Україна, Британська Рада.

Кейс: «Сезон культури Велика Британія/Україна» за підтримки Британської Ради і Українського інституту.
«Сезон культури Велика Британія/Україна» планувався Британською Радою у партнерстві з Українським інститутом задовго до повномасштабного вторгнення у лютому 2022.

Speaker: David Codling, UK/Ukraine Season director at the British Council UK

Case: “UK/Ukraine Season of Culture” with the support of the British Council and the Ukrainian Institute.

The UK/Ukraine Season of Culture was planned by the British Council in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute long before the full-scale invasion in February 2022.

The project is being implemented in the UK with global online access to the entire program until March 2023. The events of the “Season” include artistic residencies, discussions, open forums, film, music, literature, performing and visual arts.

The theme of the Season “Scenarios of the Future” after the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine was rethought and focused on the current needs and priorities of the Ukrainian cultural sector, giving Ukrainian artists the opportunity to be heard in the world.

David Codling: “In the current circumstances, it becomes very important to discover, understand, appreciate the richness of Ukrainian culture. It is critically important to understand the connection between modern Ukrainian culture and ancient heritage.”

Speaker: Leah Batstone, founder of the Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival in New York; 100 years of “Shchedryk”.

Case: the 100th anniversary of the premiere of Mykola Leontovich’s carol “Shchedryk” at Carnegie Hall in New York.

“This is the idea of many people. We worked very fruitfully with the Ukrainian Institute, with which we started this project more than two years ago. In the concert, it was important to build bridges between the past and present, to present ancient and modern choral art. Carol of the Bells is the most famous and most beloved American carol. It is very important to convey to the general public that Ukrainian culture has a long tradition in American culture as well. These two cultures are intertwined in their own way.”

Speaker: Kateryna Taylor, cultural project manager, contemporary art expert.

Case: The Wall – Murals Across Europe and the Middle East project, initiated by the Ukrainian Institute and the cultural agency

As part of the project, murals have already been created in Vienna, Berlin, and Marseille.

The art project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the State Agency of Ukraine on Arts and Artistic Education.

This project is about;

  • a new language of communication with a wide audience;
  • a new form of Ukrainian cultural representation;
  • collaborations of European and Ukrainian artists;
  • our common future with Europeans;
  • new values.

Speaker: Hannah Brennhaeusser, Eastern Partnership and Special Programs referent, Goethe-Institut.

Case: Ukraine’s participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair-2022. The Goethe Institute and the Ukrainian Book Institute acted as curators.

More than 40 publishing houses from Ukraine took part in this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Thanks to the support of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Ukrainian books were presented at Frankfurt Rights. The program of the Ukrainian national stand at the FBF-2022 included about 40 public and professional events in English and German with the participation of more than 70 writers and representatives of cultural sphere.

Hannah Brennhaeusser: “There were always many people near the Ukrainian stand at the fair, many events took place. Ukraine was undoubtedly in the center of general attention. In fact, it was Ukraine that was the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year.”

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