Government Supports Decree of the MIP on Prohibition to Disconnect Communication and Telecommunication Facilities

During today’s session of the Government the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets submitted a decree to ban power supply restrictions for strategically important facilities operating in the field of communications and telecommunications.

  In particular, Yurii Stets made a proposal to supplement the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 4, 2015 # 83 “On approval of the list of state ownership objects of strategic importance for economy and national security” (Official Bulletin of Ukraine, 2015, # 20, pg. 29)  with paragraph 21 as follows: “21. Power supply restrictions shall not be applied to state-owned facilities of strategic importance in the field of telecommunications”.

   The main purpose of the draft developed is to ban disconnection of TV towers in frontline areas and throughout Ukraine. During his speech, the Minister noted this as the next step of the MIP in the framework of program of Ukraine’s information security.

 The Prime Minister supported the proposal and instructed to introduce corresponding amendments offered by the Ministry.

  As a reminder, power supply to Luch branch of BRT Concern was disrupted, resulted in cessation of broadcasting TV, radio, and digital streams to Kherson and Mykolaiv regions and the AR Crimea.

 The same situation took place in Lozova of Ternopil region, where residents were deprived of the possibility to watch local and nationwide channels both in analog and digital format due to suspended power supply to a TV tower.