International Arabic cultural center will promote the dissemination of objective and truthful information from Ukraine among the countries of the Middle East


The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the International Arabic Cultural Center in Ukraine signed the Memorandum of Cooperation that will ensure the understanding of Ukraine’s position and its support in the Middle East.

According to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yuri Stets, cooperation should not only strengthen the friendly relations between Ukraine and countries of the Middle East, but also to promote the dissemination of objective, truthful information about Ukraine among the Arabic-speaking population.

“Ukraine has created a system of international broadcasting, has launched a state TV channel UATV. We would like to develop joint plans and activities together with You to provide quality content news from Ukraine in Arabic countries in the Middle East, and deliver the necessary information from You to our citizens,” – said the Minister.

Director of the Arabic Center Dr Gallo Farabi noticed that two years ago he initiated the creation of Ukrainian-Arabic satellite channel “Ukraine today”, which popularizes Ukraine in the countries of the Middle East.

“”Ukraine now introduces the global  Arabic-speaking audience with the culture and traditions of Ukraine, demonstrates the industrial and agricultural potential of Ukraine”, – said the Director.

Dr. Gallo Farabi, for his part, assured of the readiness to promote Ukrainian objective news among the Arabic-speaking population, using in particular the content of UATV.


We recall that the launch of the International broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine (IBMPU) took place on October 1, 2015. In the framework of the International broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine, instead of the satellite TV channel “UTR” started the TV channel “UATV”. It is broadcast from three satellites: Amos 3, Azerspace 1, Galaxy 19, as well as online on its own YouTube channel.

The Law “On international broadcasting system of Ukraine”, drawn up by MIP, has become a legal driver of the International broadcasting multimedia platform of Ukraine, after being signed by the President of Ukraine on December 28, 2015. According to the Law, IBMPU will be registered as a state enterprise starting next year.