Minister Meets with Representatives of the US National Security Council

As part of a working visit to the USA, the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine held a meeting with representatives of the US National Security Council. During the meeting, Yurii Stets expressed his opinion on the global nature of the Russian threat, which creates danger not only to Ukraine, but also to other nations, especially the Baltic states and Moldova. In this context he stressed the crucial role of assistance on the part of the USA in combating Russian encroachment including in the information field.

  The Minister also informed the American partners about the content and significance of new legislative initiatives put forward by the Ministry of Information Policy, in particular those regarding the draft law on information security of Ukraine.

 “Every day Ukraine must respond to information threats and challenges. In order to work out an effective mechanism of response, the Ministry of Information Policy is working on the development and implementation of strategic decisions in the field of information security. Leading experts of Ukraine who joined their efforts within the Expert Council under the MIP have already presented a draft Concept of Ukraine’s Information Security, which is now undergoing public discussion and expertise both in Ukraine and abroad”, the Minister reported.

 For their part, the US officials agreed to statements made by Ukrainian counterparts about the scale and fundamental consequences of Russian threat in terms of global security. This is proved, in their opinion, by the fact that Russia spreads propaganda within their country. Following the results of discussions, the US side reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Ukraine and expressed readiness for cooperation to counter Russian propaganda.