Ministry of Information Policy Introduces Crimean Tatar Version of Official Website

 Realizing the importance of the Crimean topic on the international agenda, exerting every effort to practically implement the democratic values established by the Constitution of Ukraine and aiming to provide for the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, the Ministry of Information Policy introduced the coverage of its activity in Crimean Tatar language.

“I think the official websites of public authorities, which are mostly Ukrainian and Russian versions, is another legacy left to us by the Soviet Union. It is therefore clear that the introduction of English versions of public authority information platforms is relevant at all levels today.

Given the fact that the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine observes the Crimea issue as a separate dedicated key program, starting from today the official website of the Ministry of Information Policy will also have Tatar version”, Yurii Stets reported.

To recap, the MIP has introduced a special program on Crimean information policy, which also purported the launch of the Crimean Tatar version of the ministry’s official website.

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