Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine reported for the sixth month of activity

Today, 25 September, in the press center of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine held a press conference “MIP progress analysis for August 2015”. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Artem Bidenko, Advisor to the Minister on the implementation of “Open Government” program Ivetta Delikatnaya, Advisor to the Minister on information security Dmytro Zolotukhin, and member of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine Sergii Kostynskyi (until recently Advisor to the Minister on information policy for the Crimea).

The main issues of the MIP report for August were: discussion specifics of the Concept of information security of Ukraine during the second phase in regions of Ukraine; installation of satellite antennas in ATO area; Government support of communication campaigns among the population of Ukraine for key social themes. In addition, Sergii Kostynskyi spoke about a number of events that were held to protect the public information space of the Crimea in August.

“Reporting as Advisor for August, MIP conducted events covering acute problems on order of entering of foreign media in the Crimea, and in cooperation with the prosecution office of the Crimea, informed the public about the results on ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens on the temporarily occupied territory for the first half of 2015”, – said Kostynskyi.

Deputy Minister Artem Bidenko said: “August for MIP was effective. We held the MIP College, where, in particular, the questions about the image of Ukraine were raised. Later, at the open meeting of the Government, the Minister Yurii Stets presented the Multimedia foreign broadcasting platform of Ukraine. An important point in the MIP work of last month was simplification of entering and the possibility of extending the stay for foreign media representatives in Ukraine due to the resolution adopted by CMU on MIP proposal”. The Deputy also said that the Parliament registered a draft law of MIP “On foreign broadcasting system of Ukraine”, which will be a legal basis of foreign broadcasting platform.

In turn, Ivetta Delikatnaya described the implementation of the “Open Government” program, particularly on energy efficiency project, as approaching heating season.

“In August MIP implemented a communication campaign on decentralization, through which the population was informed on what is community, and what is needed to join in the community. The next step is the project of energy efficiency for the heating season that is approaching, and the need of the state clarification of possible ways to save it”.

MIP progress analysis for August 2015.