Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine reported on five months of its activity


 Today, August 25, in the press center of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has held a press conference on “Report of MIP for July 2015”. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Artem Bidenko, Advisor to Minister on Strategic Communications Alina Frolova, Advisor to the Minister on Information Security and Dmitry Zolotukhin Advisor to the Minister of Information Policy on Crimea Sergey Kostynskyi.

 The main issues reported by MIP for July were the reform of the international broadcasting Ukraine, a joint project of MIP and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, the restoring of broadcasting of Ukrainian radio and television channels, working trips of MIP, the implementation of the program “Embedded journalism» and communication campaign, the discussion of the Concept of Information Security and activities of the MIP on Information Policy of the Crimea, in particular, the implementation of the communication campaign “Crimea is Ukraine.”

 Artem Bidenko: “We conduct communication campaigns with the population and work diligently to restore the broadcasting in the East and contribute to cover the Ukrainian broadcasting throughout the Ukraine.” Deputy Minister also assured that despite the resistance of certain structures that used to operate by the old rules MIP clearly fulfills all plans to launch multimedia international broadcasting platforms of Ukraine.

 Dmytro Zolotukhin said about the work on the draft of Concept of information security of Ukraine: “We started the second stage of the discussion of this document. This stage now goes by regions of Ukraine. During the discussions we will consider the opinion of each expert and the community in general”.

In conclusion, the Deputy Minister added: “MIP reports on the work of the Ministry on the official website every day, in particular, informing on the implementation of the tasks that set out in the Coalition Agreement. We have many projects that we are doing together with volunteers, so we encourage everyone to cooperate with us”.

Recall that MIP constantly holds briefings and press conferences which highlights issues that are important today for the information security and does it at the orders of Prime Minister of Ukraine and in the framework of the “Open government” program, which was launched by MIP with the purpose of publicity and transparency of the Ministry.