MIP's Educational Projects: National Patriotic Education Programme Launched

On 25 September 2018, a meeting was held between Volodymyr Zhemchuhov, Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine and Hero of Ukraine, and students of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

The event ushered in an educational project “Prisoners of the Kremlin”, initiated by MIP, which pursues national patriotic education of the youth.

“No one will fight for us. We have to build up our state, our economy by ourselves[, c]reate a strong army to stick up for our interests in the occupied territories[, a]nd in so doing be strongly committed to international law and act solely within its bounds,” Mr Zhemchuhov said to the students.

The meeting was held in “open microphone” format, with each of nearly 100 students being able to ask their questions and join the discussion.

At the event, the film “The Kremlin’s Prisoners”, produced by UA|TV international broadcasting channel by MIP’s order, was shown to the students.

Towards the end of the meeting, the students were given information materials, including discs with an unabridged copy of the film “The Kremlin’s Prisoners”, brochures “Prisoners of the Kremlin”, and a two-volume work “Project Ukraine. Famous Stories of Our State” by Danylo Yanevskyi, all published with MIP’s support.

Earlier, on 9 June 2018, a national patriotic education programme to be implemented in Ukrainian universities was announced at an all-Ukrainian students conference, organized within the framework of the Students’ Council under the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.