MIP and NGO "Kyiv Press Club" Begin Workon Memorandum of Cooperation

Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine intends to cooperate and support non-government organizations tasked with bringing objective information to domestic and foreign audiences.

 April 9, the Deputy Minister Artem Bidenko had a meeting with one of such organizations, where the parties discussed future cooperation.

 NGO “Kyiv Press Club” deals with strengthening cooperation between media employees, economic, political, and other organizations. In particular, in April 1992, at the Assembly of the European Federation of Press Clubs held in Vienna the Kyiv Press Club was enrolled as member of the Federation.

During the meeting with the MIP Deputy, the NGO presented two projects: the creation of International Press Center “Territory of Reforms” and establishment of Ukrainian information center in the Baltic region.

 The presented projects are reasonable and have specific goals. In particular, the project of the International Press Center “Territory of Reforms” provides for the establishment of a permanent international expert and monitoring press center, which would monitor reforms and cover the process of changes in public administration. The main target audience of the project is the governments of the countries providing financial, technical, and staff support to reforms in Ukraine. This will help to cover the process of changes in public administration, which is a compulsory condition of implementation of agreements between Ukraine and donor states of the EU.

 Following the meeting, the Ministry and the Kyiv Press Club started working on the memorandum of cooperation. As soon as the agreement is signed by the parties, MIP will assist Kyiv Press Club to implement the aforementioned projects.