MIP Announces Competition for Ukraine's Brand-Book

On September 27, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine announced an artistic competition for creating the brand-book of Ukraine.

The competition, held as part of the implementation of the Concept of Popularization of Ukraine in the World, aims to create draft visual materials regarding the topic “Popularization of Ukraine in the World.”

Artem Bidenko, MIP’s State Secretary, noted that the Ministry is waiting for talented ideas, which would promote the shaping of the positive image of our country in the world. “Ukraine is the country where dreams come true, the country of possibilities and infinite potential. It is the place where you can live easily and with fun, look for something new, marvel at every day. That is why we appeal to you: Let us together show the world the real Ukraine – tangible, interesting, infinite and a bit adventurous,” he said.

Please note that everyone willing to do so can participate in the competition and submit an unlimited number of proposals. The application must be submitted by October 25, 3:00 p.m., in printed form, at 15, Symona Petliury St., with all the necessary documents, as well as sent by the e-mail [email protected]. Should you have any questions, please contact Sophiya Dzhurynska by +38(044) 200-46-24.

Further information as to the drawing up and filing of applications is available via this link.