MIP Congratulates Journalists on Their Professional Holiday

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine congratulates mass media workers on their professional holiday, the Journalist Day, which is marked in Ukraine on June 6th.

“Freedom of speech is a fundamental value in Ukraine. Even against the backdrop of hybrid aggression, which includes distortion of the reality by Russian propaganda, we do and will create all necessary conditions for free media to work. And I am grateful to journalists, real professionals, who in this hard time fulfil their main mission — tell people the truth. Happy holiday, colleagues!” the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, said.

“I would also like to congratulate Roman Sushchenko and other journalists imprisoned by the Kremlin. On this day we are as united as never,” the Minister added.

Earlier, MIP had issued a statement strongly condemning the Kremlin’s verdict passed with respect to Roman Sushschenko, an Ukrinform correspondent.

On June 4th, the Moscow City Court sentenced Mr Sushchenko to 12 years in high-security prison under fabricated espionage charges.