MIP Enters into Memoranda of Cooperation with Regional Media Centers

 Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine signed memoranda of cooperation with Kharkiv Crisis Infocenter, Odesa Crisis Media Center, Zaporizhzhia Media Center, and Anti-Crisis Media Center of Dnipropetrovsk.

 The purpose of document signing is the creation of effective mechanism to influence the shaping of public opinion in Ukraine and worldwide by means of coordination between public community, government, and local authorities to counteract Russian propaganda to achieve the most important thing — to unite the nation.

 Regional media centers, the memoranda of cooperation were entered into with have been created to provide impartial information about current situation in Ukraine and aim to support local mass media representatives highlighting events in the region and throughout Ukraine.

 The cooperation will include the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, particularly regarding the freedom of speech, free access to, collection, storage, use and dissemination of socially relevant information including on temporarily occupied territories and in the anti-terrorist operation area. The main objective of cooperation is to provide information sovereignty of Ukraine.

 In addition, the Memorandum provides for the cooperation and coordination of activity between parties to be implemented through establishment of common operating agencies, delegation of authorities, or authorized representatives. These operating agencies of cooperation under MIP are represented by Expert and Public Councils. Therefore, media centers filed applications to join the Public Council under the MIP, which is going to be established at a statutory meeting to be held May 4, 2015.