MIP: International Broadcasting Channel UA|TV Launches Website for Whole World

On 12 February 2018, the international broadcasting channel UA|TV launched an official website as part of the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform of Ukraine. The beta version of the site was accessible as far back as February 5th.

Yuriy Stets, the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, noted that the Multimedia International Broadcasting Platform of Ukraine is developing every single day: UA|TV is successfully included in cable networks and innovative broadcasting platforms all over the world.

“Now we have a dedicated information portal of the Ukrainian international broadcasting channel. It gives the opportunity to read news about Ukraine from first-hand sources in five languages: Ukrainian, Russia, English, Crimean Tatar and Arabic.” The Minister added that, with the launch of the UA|TV channel together with the news agency Ukrinform, Ukraine broadcasts in nine languages, which enables engaging readers from different countries.

Liudmyla Berezovska, the director general of the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform UA|TV, informed that “each language version of the site is serviced by dedicated groups of people, and each language version of the site is designed to meet the interests of its audience. Each language version is edited by native speakers.” She added that it was important that not only Ukrainian but also foreign audiences be interested.

Please be reminded that the channel UA|TV started broadcasting on 1 October 2015. The International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform is based on the state television and radio companies World Service ‘Ukrainian Television and Radio Broadcasting’, Bank Television (BTB) and the news agency Ukrinform.