MIP: Lviv Sees "Ukrainian Amazonians" Ethnic Fashion Show Take Place

On 27 September 2018, a unique ethnic fashion show featuring servicewomen who fought in eastern Ukraine and female volunteers and military correspondents took place in Lviv within the framework of the project “Ukrainian Amazonians”.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine together with International Vyshyvanka Day, an NGO, and Lviv Regional State Administration.

“In May, we pulled off the show in Kyiv, and we thought — the project is worth seeing in other Ukrainian regions and abroad. Ukrainian women are beautiful, but should need be, they can stand up for themselves, for their families and for their country. Everyone should see this,” the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, was quoted as saying.

“Ukrainian Amazonians” walked on a catwalk set up at Lviv International Airport, wearing embroidered clothes by famous Ukrainian designers.

“I would very much like to see this incredible upbeat atmosphere felt by those who are thousands of kilometres away from Lviv, on the frontline, [those who] enable us to see the light, enable us to live peaceful lives,” said Oleh Syniuta, Head of Lviv Regional State Administration.

Visitors could also attend a show of traditional ethnic clothes from collections from all over Ukraine, an exhibition of paintings by seven modern artists from all over Ukraine, and murals “Ukrainian Amazonians”, depicting servicewomen in ethnic clothes from northern, southern, western, and eastern Ukraine.

Earlier, on 14 May 2018, the first ethnic fashion show within the framework of the project “Ukrainian Amazonians” took place at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv.