MIP Presents Report and Prospects for Development of Ukraine's Information Policy

On 19 June 2017, a press conference of the Ministry of information policy “MIP: Report and Prospects for the Development of Information Policy of Ukraine” was held, participated by Yurii Stets, Minister of Information Policy, Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy, Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the Minister, and Oleksiy Tarabukin, Head of the Sector of Strategic Communications.

During the press conference, a report of the Ministry’s work for half a year was presented.

In opening the event, Minister Yurii Stets noted the only reason for his resignation was ill health.

“Do not look for conspiracy theories – there are none.

“Point number one: I have excellent relations with the President, the Prime Minister, and with all the members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“Point number two: Apparently, it’s the coalition’s decision, but I have voiced it both to the President and the Prime Minister – Emine Dzhaparova should be the next head of the MIP,” the Minister stressed.

According to First Deputy Minister Emine Dzhaparova, this year the Ministry will continue working under the plan of action approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

“As far as the next year is concerned, we are going to present our vision of the Ministry’s work for the year 2018 in autumn”, she assured.

Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the MIP, said: “A few weeks ago the Government approved the plan of action for implementing the Concept of the Popularization of Ukraine.

“Today, we have already concentrated our efforts on implementing the key provisions of this plan in order to effectively promote our interests in the world.”

Olexiy Tarabukin, Head of the Sector of Strategic Communications, underscored another aspect of the Ministry’s work: “In the Doctrine of Information Security of Ukraine, the President and the CNSU authorized the MIP to protect the information space and build up strategic communications.

“The support of our Western partners, the EU and NATO, shows how important the fulfillment of these targets is for Ukraine.”

It is recalled that within the framework of the “Open Government” program the MIP regularly reports on the results of its work.