MIP: Radio "Holos Donbasu" is now available in Mariinka

10 August 2016, one FM transmitter for radio broadcasting was put into effect at the frequency of 95.3 MHz in the city of Mariinka of Donetsk region. The broadcasting of the “Holos Donbasu” (“Voice of Donbas”) programs of the Donetsk regional directorate of the National broadcasting company of Ukraine was launched, that will work around the clock in this territory.

Earlier it was reported that the “Holos Donbasu” (“Voice of Donbas”) is present in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Shchastya and Avdiivka. The radio can be listened on the website of the TV channel “Do TeBe”  www.dotb.dn.ua.

Note that this is already the 61st transmitter, officially established pursuant to the decision of the Commission on ensuring stable operation of national television and radio broadcasting under the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine.

We will remind that the regional radio has not worked more than two years after the capture of its capacity by the militants in Donetsk. From 1 July 2016, the broadcasting has been restored.