MIP Supports Russian Opposition Journalists


Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine helps Russian opposition journalists advocating the protection of freedom of speech and resisting Russian information aggression.

In particular, current employee and director of 1+1 channel Cristian Jereghi has expressed today on Facebook his gratitude to the Ministry for support in obtaining citizenship.

Cristian Jereghi is a Moldavian, Russian, and a Ukrainian director, actor, journalist, member of Vavilon’13 creative team who actively participated in Euromaidan and now is the director of Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel and war correspondent.

MIP congratulates Mr. Jereghi on obtaining his citizenship of Ukraine who displays great honor and pride for Ukrainian nation in his diligent and devoted work against Russian aggression.

It worth noting that the Ministry supports Russian opposition journalists and filmmakers standing in defense of truth.

MIP has already helped a journalist of Russian origin Kateryna Sergatskova running “Hromadske TV” project in Russian called “Hromadskoe” to obtain citizenship of Ukraine. Today these ranks have been enlarged by Mr. Jereghi.