MIP: The newly appointed Advisor to the Minister Geo Leros will be responsible for art projects in АТО zone


Geo Leros, director, curator, founder of one of the largest international art projects “Art United Us” was appointed to the position of Advisor by the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets .

One of the results of the work of his team is a series of murals: art painting of exterior walls of buildings in urban space.

Yurii Stets, the Minister of information policy of Ukraine: “We have planned a large art project in ATO zone for autumn, in particular, MIP will promote raising the spirit of unity in the eastern regions of the country. This project will also help expand horizons and, in a certain way, to cultivate the spirit of responsibility for the country. This is some sort of information policy through the arts”.

Geo Leros: “Together with my team, represented by the world renowned artists, we will emphasize the importance of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and will show the world that Ukraine seeks to peace”.

Note that earlier, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine supported the creation of the mural in Chornobyl to mark the anniversary of the tragedy at the nuclear power plant. The international art project “Art United Us” in Ukraine provides for the creation of 200 murals by the top 200 artists from around the world.


Mural in Chornobyl