MIP: The Ukrainian World Congress will contribute to spread the truth about Ukraine in the world


24 August 2016, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian World Congress signed a Memorandum of cooperation.

The Minister of information policy of Ukraine stated: “It is symbolic that today, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, we are signing this document. I am sure that our joint efforts will help the Ukrainians in the world to be more informed about their Homeland, particularly through the state international broadcasting TV channel UA|TV, which was created by us.

According to the President of the UWC Yevhen Choliy, a 20-million Ukrainian diaspora led by the UWC will actively contribute spreading the truth about Ukraine in the world, at the same time will fight with the Russian misinformation. “We will disseminate information about the social life of the Ukrainian diaspora, and, in particular, its efforts in support of Ukraine”, – said the President of the Congress.

The Memorandum also provides for cooperation between the parties in the direction of creating a positive image of Ukraine in the world, the development of freedom of speech, the informing the Ukrainians and world public about the main issues of domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine, the establishment of effective mechanisms for the dissemination of socially important information and awareness-raising of citizens in Ukraine and abroad, and the like.