MIP to Join Efforts with OSA to Ensure Continuous and High-Quality Information of Population

March 31, at the initiative of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, a working meeting was held in the field of information policy with managers of relevant departments of oblast state administrations and advisers to OSA Heads.

During the meeting the participants discussed the results of a nationwide information campaign to support the next wave of mobilization (campaign period — March 2015).

The key issues were the information campaign to support reintegration of AR Crimea into Ukraine and assistance to internally displaced persons and other victims of illegal annexation of the AR Crimea, as well as the armed conflict in the East (campaign period — April 2015).

The meeting participants agreed to combine their common efforts to provide constant and high-quality informing the population by means of existing media resources of state and municipal ownership. Private media sector will also be involved on mutually beneficial terms.

For example, information materials related to “Crimea is Ukraine!” campaign will be distributed in all regions in April: on television, radio, outdoor advertising media, and in public transport of both municipal and private ownership.