National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has approved the information security doctrine of Ukraine

Today, 29 December 2016, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine adopted the Doctrine of Ukraine’s information security developed by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine.

The Minister of information policy Yurii Stets stated: “This document is our political vision aimed at ensuring the national security of Ukraine in information sphere”.

In particular, the Doctrine defines national interests in the information sphere, as well as goals, objectives, principles, directions, priorities and mechanisms of establishment and implementation of state information policy.

The document denotes the following priorities of state policy in information sphere: the establishment and development of structures responsible for information and psychological security, especially in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, taking into account the practice of NATO member states; the development and protection of the technological infrastructure ensuring information security of Ukraine; the assurance of a full coverage of digital broadcasting across Ukraine’s territory, primarily in the border and temporarily occupied territories and the like.

The document was elaborated by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Office; it also includes comments from the Verkhovna Rada Committee on freedom of speech and information policy, MoD, SSU, and NISS.

Recall that this important strategic document is developed by the Expert Council under MIP, which is composed of people’s deputies of Ukraine, experts in the field of information security, scientists, journalists, and the public. In addition, this document was discussed with our European partners.

The Doctrine will be made public after the signing of the President of Ukraine.