Recap of the Working Visit of the Minister Yurii Stets to Khmelnytskyi Oblast


On the 30th of January the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets made a working visit to Khmelnytskyi oblast. 

The Minister of Information Policy held the first meeting with the top managers of regional mass media During the meeting the need to provide effective performance of mass media was announced.

“I am here to talk and get a “work sheet” for authorities in Kyiv from you as we all have to do our best to secure the sovereignty of Ukraine and protect its Independence.  Reforms are a matter of consequence as well, and only together we can achieve our goals,” Yurii Stets underlined.

The operational meeting with the head of the Regional Council, executive management of the regional state administration and chiefs of territorial structures of central executive authorities was convened within the framework of the Minister’s visit to the region and in order to make the position clear regarding the governmental policy aimed at reforming the country. During the meeting the issues regarding support of information sovereignty of Ukraine and dissemination of information of public importance among the population were discussed.

“The concept of information security is a constituent part of the national security of the state at large. Furthermore, concepts of information security exist in the most developed countries of the world, such as the USA and the leading European democracies,” Yurii Stets noted.

The Minister of Information Policy emphasized that within the framework of information security concept the interpretation of history in a unified manner and common system of cultural, spiritual and historical values are of particular importance for Ukrainian society.

“This is what unites us. This is what the national idea must be like, which will lay the foundation for the strategy of information policy of Ukraine,” Yurii Stets said.

A concluding press conference for local news media took place following the end of the visit of the Minister, during which Yurii Stets together with the first deputy head of the regional state administration Oleksandr Symchyshyn  and the deputy head-chief of staff of the regional state administration Lesia Steblo answered the questions of Khmelnytskyi mass media journalists.