Regular Session of Expert Council under MIP Held

During the session of the Expert Council on development of concept of information security and promotion of Ukraine’s information space, the members of the council resolved to work out three mutually complementary documents.

The first document is the Doctrine of Information Policy of Ukraine, which is going to be a bridge between two other works of the Expert Council, namely the draft Law on the Concept of Information Security and the State Programme of promotion of Ukraine’s information space.

  “In the course of development of the fundamental documents we have no right to make a mistake. The specificity of each region of Ukraine must be taken into account, as we need to remove from the documents to be publicly represented everything that used to divide us”, Yurii Stets stated.

Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Ivan Vinnyk expressed his intention to initiate parliamentary hearing in order to establish a platform for discussing various legislative initiatives, which would later fill the relevant framework documents of the ECMIP.

The members of the Expert Council also made an offer to involve international experts from the US and Israel to work in ECMIP on information security and promotion of information space.

As a reminder, the Expert Council under the MIP was launched March 26, 2015. The Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets and Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor of International Media Communications and Communication Technologies Department of the Institute of International Relations Sergii Danylenko were elected as co-chairmen of the ECMIP.