Sergii Kostynskyi filed an application to the prosecutor’s office of Crimea in respect to committed criminal offense

In order to defend the rights of journalists and protect our fellow citizens in the occupied territory of AR Crimea, as well as prevent depriving Crimean journalists of their freedom of speech, advisor to the Minister on Crimean information policy Sergii Kostynskyi filed an application on committed criminal offense to Crimean prosecutor V.L. Savchenko

Sergii Kostynskyi demands checking elements of the crime observed in the actions of the Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with regard to Crimean journalists. In the application filed the advisor to the Minister insists to immediately start a pre-trial investigation.

As a reminder, almost every week FSB and Investigative Committee destroy the freedom of speech in Crimea thus depriving Crimean journalists of their right for profession.

Kostynskyi filed an application based on the facts of offenses against independent Crimean media, in particular those regarding search, detention and interrogation of journalists, cameramen, and bloggers. All these actions are signs of a systemic pressure.