Statement of the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine regarding the possible cessation of satellite broadcast of the ATR TV channel

The ATR channel is a unique national and cultural phenomenon not only in Ukraine but all over the world. The channel is an invaluable heritage of the Crimean Tatar people; it plays an important role in preserving language, traditions and culture of the indigenous people of the Crimea.

The ATR TV channel is in a situation that jeopardizes its future satellite broadcasting under the absence of material and technical base, which remained in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and due the debts to the Swedish company “SES ASTRA AB”.

The Ukrainian State has already made a step to help the national self-government bodies of the Crimean Tatars. According to the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, 60 million UAH are provided to finance the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people in the state budget for 2016. Refat Chubarov, MP of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people stressed that, despite the fact that the channel is a private enterprise, a portion of these funds will be used for its financial support.

In terms of risks for the future broadcasting of the channel, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine will sent today a letter to the company “SES ASTRA AB” (Sweden) regarding the postponement of the date of execution of debt obligations by the company “Atlant-SV” (ATR).

At the nearest meeting of the Government the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine will submit for discussion and passing the decision on a resolution on the payment of existing debt of the ATR channel, in particular, at the expense of funds envisaged in the state budget to solve the problems of the Crimea.

The Ministry declares its support for ATR and encourages everyone, including the company “SES ASTRA AB” (Sweden), to avoid taking actions and making decisions that can lead to the termination of the broadcast of the Crimean Tatar TV channel.