Strategic Communications Expert Alina Frolova Assigned Advisor to Minister of Information Policy

The staff of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has been increased by a new advisor —strategic communications expert Alina Frolova.

Alina Frolova has fifteen years of experience in strategic communications and cooperation with leading international and Ukrainian companies, the Chairman of MAMI (International Association of Marketing Initiatives), a member of AUAC (All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition), regular speaker of marketing, economic, and political forums, conferences, co-founder and coordinator of “South and East” branch of Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

“The life of every one of us has changed over the last year. I am not an exception. A good deal of my time is spent for volunteering and social activities in order to focus my professional knowledge on strengthening and development of the state. My goal is to live in a comfortable and transparent country I can be proud of. That is why I accepted the proposal to cooperate with MIP. I hope that the efforts applied by each of us today will bring fruitful results and we will change our lives by our own hands”, Alina Frolova shares her impressions.

Deputy Minister Tetiana Popova stressed: “I’ve known Alina as a professional in communications sector as long as 10 years. We started working together within “East” group of UCMC since March last year. Alina was born in Kramatorsk, so she understands the mentality of the eastern region very well. Since last year, she organized there many communication campaigns and activities, and was one of those who helped in opening an Anti-Crisis Media Center in Kramatorsk, which became an MIP partner in May 2015. She also successfully cooperates with foreign partners at the international level, good at strategic communications, and will definitely contribute to activities of our team in this area”.