United States donates FM radio transmitters to increase Ukraine’s capacity to broadcast into eastern Ukraine

23 October, the United States transferred to Ukraine the first in a series of shipments of broadcast equipment to help improve Ukraine’s technical capacity to broadcast into eastern Ukraine.  Deputy Minister for Information Policy Tetiana Popova received three FM radio transmitters on behalf of the Ukrainian Government.  The transmitters will be provided to Donetsk TV and Radio to broadcast into denied areas in the east.

“The equipment donated today by the U.S. Government will significantly enhance Donetsk TV and Radio’s ability to reach a bigger audience, and will help significantly improve the quality of its radio programming,” Deputy Minister Tetiana Popova said.

Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt also spoke out strongly in support of Ukraine’s efforts to communicate with Ukrainians living in the Donbas.  “By helping Ukraine broadcast into areas previously impossible to reach due to the destruction wrought by Russia’s proxies, the United States is helping ensure that the residents of Donbas have access to accurate, high-quality news and information.  It’s important that the Ukrainian government continue to reach out to those living in separatist-controlled areas in Donetsk and Luhansk.  These tools and technology will be critical to Ukraine’s efforts to respond to the information war the Kremlin is waging against Ukrainian citizens living in the east.”