Yurii Stets Appoints Advisor on Ukrainian Diaspora Communications

 April 27, the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets appointed an advisor on Ukrainian Diaspora communications Taras Osaulenko.

Taras Osaulenko is an expert in the field of international communications, a political figure and civic activist engaged into international relations and liaisons with Ukrainian diaspora. He used to work as Deputy Director of the International Directorate of the National Television Company of Ukraine and the head of International Relations Department of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

 “Taras Osaulenko has an experience in international projects. He was a head of Ukraine’s representative office of the French broadcaster Canal France International. Today he is a head of the NGO “International Initiative to Support Ukraine”. I am sure that Taras Osaulenko, as adviser on Ukrainian diaspora communications, will ensure the establishment of steady relation between Ukrainians living in Ukraine and those Patriots of our nation who live outside the country”, Yurii Stets noted.